The Costs of Filing a Lawsuit

DollarThe Costs of Filing a Lawsuit

In general, both parties benefit when a personal injury lawsuit is settled out of court. However, if negotiations fail the case must go to court. You may get the compensation you deserve. On the other hand, you, the plaintiff and your lawyer, the plaintiff’s attorney, stand to lose a lot of money. Here is a brief guideline to costs incurred when filing a personal injury lawsuit.

The Contingency Fee

Most personal injury lawyers work on a No Win No Fee basis. The injured party can hire an expert attorney without putting money up front. If the outcome is successful, the lawyer deducts his fee plus expenses. If the case is lost, the plaintiff’s attorney earns nothing. In general, a reputable lawyer will deduct one-third of the settlement fee. However, some lawyers prefer to calculate costs and deduct expenses as they work.

Personal Injury Case Costs and Expenses include:

. Court filing fees
. Administrative fees
. Police reports
. Investigators
. Witness fees
. Legal fees for the defense
. Trial Exhibits
. Medical records
. Miscellaneous expenses

If you are expected to pay as you go, you must be able to find money to cover costs when asked. Fail to make payment and the case could grind to a halt. The cost of hiring an experienced injury lawyer could be as much as 60% of the final settlement fee.

How Much Does the Typical Personal Injury Case Cost?

The costs of filing a lawsuit vary. What appears a relatively simple case could cost in excess of $15,000. Complex personal injury cases involving many lawyers will cost much more. It can take a time to present a personal injury case in court and time is money to an expert lawyer.

The Settlement Check may be sent to the Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer working on a No Win No Fee basis will not risk losing his fee. Win the lawsuit and the attorney will contact you immediately. He will make the necessary deductions and must explain his actions in full. The fee he deducts will cover all expenses and costs, the remaining compensation will be yours.